Thursday, January 16, 2014

True Vagabonds

We are true vagabonds and our adventure has taken wings! After 3 1/2 months of beginning this new phase of life we have left our temporary housing behind and begun the 'travel phase'.
Home is where the Heart Is
Jim's recovery has gone well, the motorhome is fueled and loaded but Mother Nature has proven that she has the power to change the best laid plans. Snow, ice, wind and Cold she has stirred the pot and concocted the most amazing winter weather seen in years.
Although the show has been spectacular we have been anxious to get on with life and patience has struggled to reign over frustration and impatience. So we filled our time of waiting with family, friends, dinners and fellowship. (not a bad way to improvise I must say!)
With the roads still 'iffy' and the promise of more storms..we have 'taken to the air' and are winging our way to Florida.. the land of sunshine, sand and RAIN?? Yep, the day after booking our flight the very destination of our trip had 20 INCHES of rain. But, that was last week we say and we will arrive in a couple hours to new begin a new chapter in this adventure.
I have had a window seat on both flights and it is incredible to watch the rain in Montana change to snow in Minneapolis and now the snow is melted and the hope of  sunshine and warmth seems real.
The past weeks and months have been filled with a so many different emotions. The sadness mixed with anticipation when our house sold. Concern and prayers for the best results of Jim's surgery. A mixture of thankfulness and unsettledness living in our 'temp' home surrounded by the treasures of others while striving to create that special feeling that speaks "HOME" to those that enter.
It is amazing what the promise of sunshine and warmth can do for the soul! To me right now it speaks a thawing of the stress and tension that has been my companion for these past weeks. A time of setting aside the need to make decisions choose routes and methods and just BE. 
 Although I am anxious to begin my training for my 3Day of 2014 I feel a need to sit, be quiet and regroup.So for the next few days I hope to be a stranger in the land. I'll take a deep breath and gear up for all the new friends, places and adventures that lay ahead. The walking sticks will be waiting by the door and this year Jim will be my companion on the trail as he has been in life for the past 47 years.
2014 looks to be a year of new beginnings for some 'senior' souls!!! I'll keep ya posted :)

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