Monday, September 1, 2014

Counting my Blessings

To make this year of training even more interesting and put a little more challenge into my commitment to walk the 3Day 60 Mile for breast cancer I have injured my right knee. When entering the motor home I slipped on some wet grass and twisted it, causing intense pain and a soreness that will not go away. I've tried rest, then exercise and nothing seemed to bring relief and a sense of healing.
Finally, out of frustration and a certain need to get back on the trail I went to see a doctor. She ordered the x-rays which seemed clear and then in for an MRI. With November and the 3Day quickly approaching it was not with great patience that I awaited the results.
As I was in prep for the test the technician ask me if I would like to listen to Pandora. I responded "sure" and requested the Praise and Worship station, which is one of my favorite walking stations. 
As she slid me into position and the machine began to grind I found myself asking God to not let this be something that would stop my walking. The music began and the first  song to filter through the ear phones was "10,000 Reasons to Praise The Lord ". Now, any walker knows that 10,000 is a special number. It is a number that becomes your goal as you begin the challenge of becoming a healthier you.
It is a number that proves you are no longer a couch potato but have entered the world of activity and are headed for better health. This chorus has had a special place in my heart as I hit the trails...Twice now it has come at a time that many would call a 'coincidence, but I see as a "Wink from God" letting me know He is aware of just where I am! I have concluded that if 10,000 steps will start me on the road to better health physically, then listing 10,000 reasons to bless The Lord will surely give me a healthier happier spirit! 
It is amazing the power of the written word, even our own! How often we are blessed and thankful in the moment. Then we go on to new challenges and that blessing is lost or forgotten in the busyness of life.  
Reminding myself of the daily blessings is like the pieces of a patchwork quilt put together with remnants of memorable materials. Alone that memory will  bring a smile to the heart, but when stitched together they bring warmth and comfort to our entire being.
So, I would invite you to join me in my endeavor to list my 'Reasons to Bless The Lord' and remind myself daily it is the little things in life that prove His faithfulness to walk the path before me.