Friday, March 31, 2017

50th Year Adventure....

In December of last year (2016) we celebrated our 50th year of marriage with the homecoming of all our children, their spouses and our Grands. We had a week full of food, laughter and love; as the siblings and cousins made new memories and relived the old, together as family.

The kids had planned and hosted a celebration party including our friends and many of their friends; who had become extended family throughout the years. Awwww..the memories; sweet, sweet memories.

As the children left for their homes and lives we begin to plan for "our" celebration. After alot of deliberation we decided on a motor home trip across the states, visiting friends, family and interesting sites.
With our usual collection of hugs from our kids and grandkids completed..we set out on March 13th.

Our sights were set for Palm Gardens in Mesa Arizona for some time of de-winterizing and sunshine. Palm Gardens had been one of our favorite communities on an earlier visit. We had found it to be a community warm with sunshine and friendly people. That, we discovered has not changed!!

With several days of relaxation under our belts we began checking out some of the homes behind the "For Sale" signs. In the process we met new friends and were convinced a new chapter in our life-adventure was about to begin. We began to talk in earnest about making Mesa our winter home. Out came the paper for the Pros and Cons list. The Pros seemed to outnumber the cons and as Jim said "We can do whatever we want! :)" So we are in the process of becoming homeowners in Arizona. Now, I have to admit this wasn't in the original 'travel plans' but if I have learned anything in the 50 years we have shared it is that flexibility makes life a lot more fun and exciting!

We will leave Mesa in a couple weeks, after some time spent creating a new home to welcome us in the fall. Visits with old friends and family, exploring new sites and adding new friends to our book, await us.

Our lives are blessed beyond measure and our hope is to leave a little love and a few smiles along the the way, as we continue to make new memories for the next 50!!!

Join me again as I take a moment to share as life continues to surprise and bless us. Until then I would love to hear how YOUR life is going :) Please leave a comment for me!