Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laundry on the road....

Laundry day on the road.

One of those 'blasts from the past' that comes with travel is the weekly trips to the Laundromat. There have been times on and off when we were vacationing that I have visited the local laundry facility and it is always an adventure. Now that my home is on wheels it has become a weekly occurrence and the experience never ceases to amaze me. You are guaranteed of a little adventure each time..the amount of said adventure is dependent on the facility and those patrons using the facility.

The first order of business is always to secure enough quarters to begin the task. This may change drastically from place to place depending on the number of quarters required to run the machines and dryers and the amount of dirty laundry accumulated. (Do you remember when a wash was 50 cents and the dryer ran for 10 -15 minutes on a DIME?) Well,sweetheart, those days are gone forever! I have found in the past few months that a washer can cost upwards to 1.50 and the dryers vary according to the number of minutes for a quarter....and beware of the temp!! This morning we paid .75 per wash and .25 for at least 30 minutes of dry time. We consider this one a bargain as they all worked and did a good job :) (Sometimes it is the little things in life!)

Now, I have found it pays to be friendly to the 'locals' because they just might save you from melting down your favorite sweater, or spending several dollars to dry those towels.
Those same locals can provide you with enough entertainment to last a week. The best bet is to just be quiet and watch and listen. Sometimes that is all you CAN do as a disgruntled citizen attempts to solve the worlds woes as he waits for his wash.

Or it may be an opportunity of a lifetime to learn some of the best household tips ever. Someone is sure to know the best route of travel for your next destination or where to  get the best meal in town!
Best of all is the opportunity to share a moment of encouragement with someone desperately needing it.

One thing for sure, I never leave without being thankful for the clean laundry and a warm and comfy place to put it.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Finding Happiness in Whatever STATE I'm In

The past 6 months have taken us across the country and back,
with many adventures and family time added to our memory book. We have resided for a time in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Utah and now Nevada. Some for months, some for weeks and some for just a day or two. This vagabond thing isn't so bad!! New friends and 'favorite places' every day.

Life in the motor home as HOME has truly begun. These Vagabonds have gathered their belongings {a portion anyway) tucked them in to their new spaces and are ON THE ROAD but taking HOME along.
We returned to Montana from Florida...took note of the snow, ice and cold and headed West leaving our the motor home in the throes of winter. We spent a couple weeks visiting family, soaking up love and hugs. Playing on the beach and waiting for dry roads and a little warmer weather to make its' way north. Our wish was finally  made reality. We hooked the car behind the motor home and pulled away from Tim's home in Stevensville. We drove to Butte and  after spending the night with Tom's family we headed South looking for sunshine.
Several hours of travel later we found ourselves in Utah having found the sunshine and warmth. We shed the sweatshirts and long pants for t shirts and shorts found some fresh water for the tanks and we could now begin to make this place home!
After another day on the road we pulled in to Kings Row RV in Las Vegas for the night. Not before a bit of adventure though. I had programed Vegas into the GPS so it had every intention of helping us get a true tour of the town. I quickly changed the city of desired destination but not before getting a taste of the traffic that comes with the city.  Upon waking the next morning that one night turned into a decision to set roots for a WEEK! There was cleaning and organizing to be done!!
So the past couple days have found me inside sorting winter and summer clothes, combining all the doubles into one,doing a bit of shopping and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Jim had outside repairs and chores to do. He quickly met all the neighbors and got the lay of the land.  Men with tools made themselves and their tools quickly available.
The repairs are done the tools returned {with a jar of homemade jam as a THANKS } and today he hung the family pictures, It is taking on the feel and appearance of home.
With the clutter gone and peace restored we are hoping to take the car on a few side trips and explore the state of Nevada then maybe doing a little jaunt into AZ with Pennsylvania on the horizan!!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2014

From East to West and Ocean to Ocean

It has been a while since I set with some time available to put a few words on the page. Life is so different at this time in my life that sometimes I just have to pause and contemplate the happenings.
Right now we are in Oregon...the last few days I have awoke in the mornings and honestly had to take inventory of my surroundings and remember what STATE I am in. :0)  HONEST!!  (I keep assuring myself that it has nothing to do with age!)

The last time I wrote we were still in Florida and on countdown for returning to the land of frost, snow and ice. Otherwise known as Montana.
The last week before boarding the plane, we made a list of the things left to do and places to go. The highlight was a cruise on the Inter coastal Waterway. We were mesmerized at the sight of all the multi-million dollar homes,  incredible landscaping and the peace of the river. Upon returning to the dock the captain did a drawing from the passengers and guess whose name was called. Yep, Laura Moody, tickets for another cruise with no expiration date.  Florida 2015??
A walk on the beach, collecting shells, wading in the water was another bonus day. A beach which just five weeks earlier was hardly worthy to be called a beach. After five weeks of dredging and pumping sand a new beach was created and we could hardly believe we were in the same spot.
Our time in Florida was such a blessing and more fun than I could put into words. Memories created, new friends made and a vast supply of Vitamin D...compliments of the sun. The last few days we spent walking in the sunshine, laying in the sun by the pool with soaking up as much warmth as possible the desired goal.
Emotions were mixed as we pulled out the suitcases and packed to leave our little spot in paradise. The freedom from all the responsibilities that pull us in normal life had been a chance of rest and healing that God surely knew we needed. The generosity of a friend had been a gift beyond measure.
We flew from Fort Lauderdale with a temperature of 85 degrees only to land in Missoula, MT with a temp of 17. The drop of temperature was held at bay as we were met by the smiles, hugs and love of our son and grandchildren. Nothing warms the soul of a Mom or Dad like the hug of a child or grandchild! We reconnected quickly and then headed to bed...our bodies were still on East Coast time.
The following day we spent organizing the motor home for travel and getting a full fledge welcome home from the dogs.
With another winter storm on the horizon we decided to leave our home on wheels, roll the car off the dolly and take the car back to Kalispell to reconnect with additional family and friends.
Hope to rescue the motor home from the winter wonderland and head to warmer climate was dashed with more snow and ice in the forecast as our time in Kalispell came to a close.
Flexibility being our word of the day we re-packed our bags and headed to Oregon. A short visit with my sister and then on to the Oregon Coast.
                                                                                                                                                                     From the Atlantic to the Pacific. We love our oceans and the diversity between the two.  The warmth and white sands of the Atlantic to the cold and storminess of the Pacific. Winter is so different on the beaches of the two coasts and yet what a joy to walk in the sand of each and to observe the power that lies behind those waves.                                                                                
 Today as we walked, our attention was drawn to the destruction of a barrier built to protect the foundation of a motel sitting high on a hill, much like the beach destroyed in Florida. Cold or warm the results of the power of the waves are the same. Man made barriers will bow and bend to the to the power of nature and the hand of the Creator.
As if given a smile from heaven on our last day by the sea we walked in sunshine! Morning will find us once again packing our bags with plans to meet up with our daughter and family. Then head north to hook up with our home on wheels, unpack the suitcases, and settle in to life on the road surrounded all we call our own!