Thursday, January 8, 2015

Over at Five Minute Friday...where we are given one word to write about for 5 minutes..the word for the week was WELCOME....
After nearly a year and a half of  our home being attached to wheels (aka..Motor home), and 2 1/2 months of serious searching we walked opened the door to a new home. Not a new construction but new to us.
In the 48 years of this adventure called MARRIAGE I have learned that there are many forms a home can take. We have lived in a small camp trailer, a camper, a tent (with 4 children and a dog) a motor home and SEVERAL houses made of wood. I have learned that as long as LOVE abides no matter the size or type of construction,  the WELCOME sign will always find its' post.
The table  may be set with the finest china or a paper plate, but a meal served with love and shared conversation will speak WELCOME to any guest.
So it is with a heart bursting with thanksgiving I bid you WELCOME to my new home. The coffee is always on the tea pot will be set to brew, the door swings wide and LOVE ABIDES HERE!!