Saturday, April 1, 2017

Life Changes

Being the youngest in a large family brings with it many changes and phases through life. As the 'baby sister' I spent years being watched over. I was given advise, love and pretty much anything my little heart desired. I was taken on shopping trips with treats, and that dress that was sure to transform me into the cutest thing ever!! Among the memories is a little black patent leather purse, shaped like a Scottie Dog. Yes, as a mom now, I have to admit I was probably a bit spoiled, or VERY WELL LOVED! (Perspective, right??)

In my teen years, when my brothers and sisters were raising children of their own; I was still seen as the baby sister. Our parents were older at that point and there were decisions that needed to be made concerning their health issues. Often those decisions were made without my input. Not,I realize now, because they meant to hurt me, but because from their perspective I was still the 'baby sister.'
There came the day I married, had children of my own and became an equal in their sight. Relationships blossomed and grew and new respect and memories were shared. Then as was bound to happen with the vast differences in age (21, 18 and 16 years) the dreaded day arrived and I have watched their health deteriorate and life as they had known it changed. In many ways I am once again that 'baby sister' on the outside looking in.

Finally, I am a "Big Girl"and sometimes I long for the pigtails and cute purses of days gone by!

It has been a strange place to be at times; that of a listening ear to my siblings, and that of the aunt whose age matches their own.
 I, with my siblings have already been through the health issues and loss of our parents. Constantly the new seasons of life bring with them new challenges and opportunities. My hope is that as I walk through the 'Golden Years' now with my siblings that I learn to value each day!

 It is with a heart praying for wisdom that I share the concerns from both generations and endeavor to be an encouragement and support to both.

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