Saturday, April 29, 2017

What Defines You

The Color Of My Hair Does Not Define Me

Getting older is an interesting experience and as many say "not for sissies." It is a road we will all walk down. Others may share with us their journeys but we quickly learn that each individual path has it's own dips and turns and detours.
As the years have added up, I have watched the progression of my friends and their outlook and expectations of life. How is it similar and how is it different from my own?
So much of the way we live out the 'later' years of our lives depends upon our perspective...

For me it started several years ago at my grandson's baseball game. My hair had turned snowy at an early age, but only a couple times had I attempted to change the color. (I always found it such a shocking experience when I passed the mirror that I soon decided it wasn't worth the 'loss of years' :) Pink has been the only color I have embraced.  As I trained for, and then walked the 3Day 60 Miles for breast cancer I wore a 'hint' of pink.

At this particular game I watched and listened as the entire front row of white haired ladies interacted during the game.
As the game ended and we headed toward the car I proclaimed to my family that "I don't want to ever be known as a little ol' white haired lady!!" In the years since I have tried to keep myself active and healthy being able to enjoy my children, grandchildren and great-grandchild!!
As the mother of 5, my 3 boys have always proudly assured me that I have earned every one of my white hairs. They come as a 'badge of honor' for a busy, adventure filled life!

It was interesting, however, when at a meeting last week, a woman across the table, pointed at me as she was talking about "little ol' white haired ladies." When I realized that she was referring to ME as being a member of that group, my first response was "Well, I'm going brown tomorrow!!" Now, I must clarify that she was a stranger and didn't know me at all, nor my lifestyle. But still it was an hilarious moment shared with my daughter who knows my thoughts on said subject.
In watching others walk through the years it is evident that the color of the hair does not prove to be the catalyst for 'old age'. Some people choose to be old long before the first strand of grey appears. That old-adage that you can speak something into existence is a truth for many. They claim, as impossibilities, many challenges of life. With those choices they miss out on many of the "AH HA" moments and the joy of crossing that 'impossible' finish line. 
I have learned that AGE does not need to define who I am or place limitations on my dreams.

The last five years of my life (I've been a 'senior' for several) have been filled with many firsts; activities I never would have attempted as a teen. Why?? Because I have come to realize the true blessing of life and living it to the fullest!! My goal... Enjoy life, endeavor to encourage and inspire others...and bring HOPE where it has lost it's way!

No matter the years marked by the calendar or the color of your hair I invite you to join me in making the remaining years memorable and full of meaning!!

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