Thursday, April 13, 2017

New Home, New Friends, New Adventures

After 3 weeks in Mesa, Arizona we are on the road again...

We stopped in Palm Gardens Retirement Park in Mesa to thaw out after a long Montana winter. After a few days of walking the park, meeting some of the residents and enjoying the fellowship; we purchased a little home! Next winter we will join the other residents, as " snow birds" from Montana.

One of the best things about traveling is the people you meet. Mesa proved to be a treasure trove of new friends and fun activities to be a part of.
The older gentleman we bought our new home from, will be a forever friend. A dairy farmer from Michigan, father of 5 boys and grandfather of 16, was a joy to visit with. We promised to make the house our "HOME" and share some times of joy and love with others.
As the days passed we re-united with friends from our stay 3 years ago, and made new ones. We left town with phone numbers, addresses and promises to keep in touch; until we return next fall.
A writing class full of incredible women and led by a former English teacher was a bonus find for me. It provides a new opportunity to be challenged and learn from others.
The Arizona 'Grand Ol' Oprey" dinner theater provided an evening of good food, laughter and fun.
Finding the Mesa Swap Meet served to quench the need for shopping. Four tents, each a quarter mile long, filled with sales goods of all kinds, gives the opportunity to "shop till ya drop."
Sitting outside in the evenings, watching the airplanes overhead and the full moon through the tops of the palm trees we found peace.
As the time to leave approached we knew our decision to add an Arizona address to this new chapter in our lives was a good thing :)

After moving out of the motor home, we spent 3 nights making a new house, a home! Then it was back to the motor home and  'on the road again!'
 After  a short day of travel we find ourselves in Deming, New Mexico at the 81 Palms Resort for a night of rest.

Tomorrow we will fire up our home on wheels and add another day to this 50th year adventure.

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