Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Parents Heart is a Wondrous Thing

It is a funny thing...the heart of a Mom. When your children live on separate coasts your heart is never settled. 
The joy of being with one only enhances the distance of the others. You know the old saying " A woman is never satisfied..she is Always changing her mind." Nothing could ring more true than when your children are involved! 
Add to that mix a husband and oh, my, now confusion of the heart runs rampant!!
After our home sold in Montana and we were SO tired of the cold and snow and ice we set out to find a new home. Warmer weather, smaller home and SUNSHINE!!
We spent several weeks in Forida, back to the frost of Montana and then on to Arizona for a couple months. Arizona we loved! Sunshine,activities
galore,we even met up with new friends,but the road stretched a far distance to reach our family!
The past couple months we have been parked beside the home of our daughter, son in love and 5 grandchildren. What a joy!! Their home has an open door and hugs and love has been gathered, collected and stored every day. The voices and laughter of children and teens has warmed our souls. 

Jim working side by side with Hal..sharing stories, dreams and disappointments only serves to prove that this 'in-law' thing is something to be treasured.
Sharing a Mom and Daughter trip, duties in the kitchen, time with the girls, along with any moment we can capture is priceless. 
The search for a home has been a top of the list while here. Finding acreage and country living has been on the agenda. A couple properties have entered onto the horizon and the possibility of "home" being in Pennsylvania has been very real. 
Because farming is still in Jim's' blood I began that process of preparing my heart for the change. After all, dreams are what keep the heart pumping and and the body moving so if it works a farm it is! Still knowing I would be delighted to be close to the East Coast family I was struggling to count the miles from the West. Again knowing that if the destination were reversed the process will be the same. 
Twice we have set a departure date only to make a change as situations changed and opportunities to be of help arose. 
A new date is set for pulling up stakes. July 28th eight days away....

We are blessed!
There is no doubt that our hearts are eager to see the Montana crew...there are now a total of 20 kids, loves, and grandkids waiting for us there. The stories to be caught up on, the hugs to be gathered, meals to be shared and laughter that will ring through the homes, fills the heart with anticipation and longing.
So how can it be that when the love of family and friends in Montana is so strong and the pull so hard, that even yet, our hearts ache at the thought of leaving Pennsylvania? 
It can only be answered by the fact that the heart being pulled is that of a parent, because both Mom and Dad...Grandma and Grandpa feel the pull and tearing of the heart strings as the days slip by.
Just call us BLESSED!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Buy A Mile for the Cure!

I never cease to be amazed at the people I meet and the stories they share. Those (‘God Winks’) I  call them.  This morning Jim and I went on a ‘breakfast date.’ As we got up to leave a lady stopped me to visit. She was with another lady and I left the restaurant thankful for an opportunity to have chatted with them.
When arriving at the car Jim had taken the dogs for a walk and as I waited the ladies came out. I decided to give them one of my 3Day letters...turns out they both had names for my shirt, incredible stories,and were so appreciative. I left feeling motivated and blessed and thankful for another chance to encourage others.

As of today there are 125 days till the gate opens and hundreds of women and men begin the journey of 60 Miles in 3Days walking the streets and hills of San Diego.  I will be among the mix and am getting excited to know that things are Set and Ready! To date family, friends and strangers have joined to donate $690.00 (30%) of the required funds ($2300) under my name.. I have been hitting the gym and the trails in honor of the funds and the cancer victims to be prepared and ready to rock. But I need your help to assure my spot.

After doing some calculating it would take 60 people ‘buying’ one mile at $38.33 to make my total goal. So with the moneys already in if 60 people would donate $22.50 each (a person per mile) we would exceed the goal!!
It is not MY goal that is important but the opportunity to be a small part of bringing assistance and HOPE to others.
Join me???

Komen Impact Fact: Since its inception in 1982, Susan G. Komen® has invested more than $2 billion on its mission of saving lives and ending breast cancer by empowering people, ensuring quality care for all and energizing science to find the cures.


Friday, July 18, 2014


 I just pulled up the blog to see that it has been 6 weeks since I have set down to share a little bit of life. So many things have happened in those weeks that I won't begin to take you through it all.

The past week has been one of those emotional roller coasters times that we all experience at some point in our lives...some of us more often than others :)

As I have shared before our home sold in September of last year and so for the last 10 months we have been vagabonds. For this wife and Momma the challenge has been to keep my 'homemaker' gene happy. Downsizing from a 3400 sq ft home to a 250 sq ft motorhome, sharing that space and making it 'homey' has been a little crazy at times but all in all the weeks that have spread to months have gone well and we have enjoyed this time of 'togetherness'.

After our home sold we had a few goals in mind for our next place. We have made a list of 'things to look for' and we felt they made a lot of sense as we have become Senior Citizens.
We felt our new home should have the following...
1) Single story...Small home so as to make it easy to clean making any preparation to make a spur of the moment trip quick and easy. Also stairs can become a hazard as the years pass...or so we have been told.
2) Elbow room. No more homeowners rules, a shop for Jim to 'tinker' without the need of approval of others. (We are pretty independent we have found) although family and friends are an important part of the plan.
3) A milder climate...below 0 weather, ice and snow have lost their appeal.
4) Someplace where we can be self sufficient
5) Within the reach of good medical care

We discussed these and felt we were being very Practical and Wise.

Before I share the ups and downs of the past week I have to share Jim's dream for the 48 years of our marriage has always been to farm and live that lifestyle. We have been blessed to make that a reality as we raised our children.

So now we fast forward to the past week keeping in mind the 'guidelines' for our next home.
Throwing all our 'sensible' priorities to the wind ..We found and made an offer on a 30 acre farm. It included a 3 story, 5 bedroom home. 2 kitchens and 21/2 bath. The property also had 2 large barns and a 2 car garage/shop, beautiful fields, garden area and fruit trees.

The farm was located about an hour away from town on winding country, although paved, roads.

Three days were spent with that 'maybe' feeling. Trying hard not to become attached but going over the 'what ifs' and the 'Are we Crazy' feelings.
When all was said and done we are still vagabonds and the motorhome is still our current dwelling.

Add to that, my oldest sister moved into an assisted living facility for those dealing with Alzheimer Disease a few days ago. Now, don't misunderstand. The move was a blessing for she and the family. As Safety became an issue the change was a necessity. This home will provide, that safety factor, along with fellowship and new friendships in a beautiful setting.
It is a mix of emotions and feeling of loss that can only be understood by those who share the devastation of this disease to someone you love.

Hence the emotional rollercoaster...those days when tears are just behind the surface,sometimes spilling over and silently making tails down the cheeks. It is something that is shared by women everywhere, while our husbands sigh, shake their heads trying hard to understand, but if we are fortunate love us anyway.

So in a week we will unplug all the cords and hoses and once again head down the road in search of that new home that surely awaits us.

5 Minute Friday Bloom

Five Minute Friday
So I haven't done this but a couple times. Marcy Hanson invited me to join the discussion several months ago. I noticed the word for this week and thought I would comment.
The way it works...check on 5 minute Friday@lisajobaker for the word and then write for 5 minutes....
this week the word is
Bloom !! 

As I read that word and voiced it I heard it as a command. Be productive!!!

BLOOM...the vision was that of a beautiful blossom, the result of a seed that had fallen to the ground..sent its roots into the soil and and grown into a plant that produced a blossom. All because it heard that command from from the Master of nature...BLOOM! 
The process is never easy, you may not have the privilege of choosing our 'soil' (where you are planted).
 You may find rocks (obstacles) in your soil or have to fight through the weeds (those that would say "it can't be done"). BLOOM!
 Even with the best soil..full of nutrients (encouragement and support) there are always obstacles..(those things you cannot control). The sun may not shine or all you get is rain. 
But the struggle and fight is worth it. BLOOM!

Whether you see yourself as a dandelion (how often did you pick a cheery yellow bouquet for Mom?) a beautiful rose or even a delicate orchid...the command from the Master is still the same BLOOM.
The purpose of the command is to not only bring satisfaction of a job well done and completed to YOU but to bring JOY, DELIGHT, and HOPE to those around you.
5 minute Friday@lisajobaker5 minute Friday..Bloom