About Grandma M

It is interesting that following marriage my 'idenity' began to change...I became Jim's wife and then my children's Mom and now I am Grandma! The funny thing is I never felt 'lost' as a person, each new 'title' just was a sort of 'graduation'! Family just kinda works that way, especially for Mom.
I have been married for 46 years now, have 5 married children and 16 grandkids. (Soon to be 17 as we gain our first 'Granddaughter in love'!!

Thru life my job title has also changed. From working in the fields as a young person to farmers wife, bank teller and 'chief hostess' and girl friday when working for an accountants office.

We have lived from Oregon to Alaska (logging camps) to Montana. Raised our four oldest children as farm kids - to owning and operating a packing/shipping store. We are now retired and our main job is loving our kids and grandkids and sharing as much of their lives as possible.

I have always loved a challenge and so you will find as we journey through this blog that I have taken on my share..some by choice and some I would have gladly passed by. But life has been good and I have been a VERY blessed woman.

It is my goal and prayer that you will be able to glean some helpful hints, hope and share in some laughter as we go along. Welcome !

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