Saturday, August 31, 2013

Giving and Receiving

I have posted several blogs with the mention of my 60 miles in 3 days. Time is passing quickly and the  training log this past week called for two long walks (18 miles on Wed and 15 on Thur). Now, you need to understand that I live about 600 miles from the home of the walk and 200 miles from the closest walker. So my training walks have required me keeping myself motivated over the past 6 months. 

I have written previously of how the people I've met and their stories or the stories of the ones they  love have given me the boost I have needed on different days... The "ping" on my phone announcing "you have a donation"... Cars passing with horns honking and a thumbs up or wave from the driver.
I have gathered names of those who are currently or are or in the past have fought their battle with the 'Big C' and will honor each by walking the 60 miles with their names on my shirt. All of these have given renewal to my commitment and a new spring in my step at a time when I needed it most.                                                                                                          

A post on my team Facebook page this morning will sustain me to the end of the walk:
 "So here's something cool I need to share with everyone. While at my doc for chemo yesterday, the woman that does all the insurance checks comes to me with an email. It states that through the Susan G. Komen foundation, breast cancer patients are entitled to $300 to go towards medical bills, child/elder care due to treatments, wigs, medical equipment, etc. I was stoked, knowing that I've done three walks myself and now the money I helped raise is coming back to me Truly, what goes around, comes around! 

I can say without hesitation that my life will forever be changed by a commitment I made in February of this year to turn two very difficult times in my life to positives!  Check out  Overcoming Obstacles

What is it in your life that you can choose to do that will forever make you a better, stronger person?

Walking Strong Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

the picture I shared from the internet

Friday, August 30, 2013

Family Dynamics

Family....Dad, Mom, Spouse, Children, Grandchildren,Grandparents,Brothers,Sisters,Nieces,Nephews, Aunts and Uncles...we could go on and on. With the mention of each, a new face flashes on the 'screen' of our memory. That one who always seemed to offer the hug when needed or the laugh in the midst of the dark time.

As I sit here considering the last few days and my time spent with family I am struck by the expectations we seem to automatically attach to each...and how our roles change with age... and of those roles how many I am in the midst of playing right now.

47 years ago I became a wife, and homemaker.  Through the years I became the Mom  of 5 and then the  Grandma of 16..Wow how did that happen? As Mom I became the "grown up" with responsibility. Responsible to cuddle and nourish my babies and toddlers. Guide my children in their char actor building years. Bringing discipline and love along with the teaching of practical life lessons. Finally watching them move on to creating their own homes and moving into their adult lives.

As Grandma I gladly accept my role for providing, LOVE, Encouragement, LOVE, Hugs, cuddles, and more LOVE!  Discipline ..."Not so much" :)

I am the youngest daughter and baby sister in a family of 8. Because of my family dynamic, my being the last child home for several years after the death of my father I learned responsibility early. I also was the beneficiary of all the extra little 'perks' of being the 'baby' of the family. Funny how being the 'baby' never changes in the minds of siblings :) I have found that to be a challenge as well as a blessing at times. Family dynamics can be such a mixed blessing but provides the opportunity to deal with difficult situations in the confines of love.

I am a niece to many cousins and and aunt to a bunch of  nieces and nephews. (some of which are the same That has been fun!)

As I mentioned earlier each role brings with it it's own expectations from those around us. But more important is how I determine my role in the lives of those who call me Wife, Mom, Grandma, Aunt, or Cousin. My hope is to be an encourager extraordinaire to all those I have in my circle. Striving to share the love, mercy and grace that I daily experience through my Lord. Creating a life that brings a challenge to the heart and soul of each to be the best they can be.

Healthy, strong, and happy is my goal! Knowing that "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength" (Ne:8:10) and realizing that happiness is a choice.

Wishing you Health, Love and Peace, Joy and Happiness

Tuesday, August 20, 2013


                Dream as if you'll live forever.  Live as if you'll die today.  ~James Dean

An early morning call from a friend telling me her 36 year old son-in-law was killed, reminded me again the truth of the quote "life is short."

In the blink of an eye our plans are lost forever. Our life, or the life one we love, is snuffed out as quickly as we extinguish the flame of a candle.  No do overs, no pleas for just one more day...GONE...Forever.

My mind immediately scrolled through the faces of my husband and each of my children, grandchildren, sons and daughters-in-love. Prayer for safety and thanksgiving wafted from my heart as I listened and shared in the grief of a friend. A promise to said heart to call and share a message of love and a phone hug with each.  Lord, let me be careful to remind them of their importance to my life!!

Then came the thoughts of friends far and near, new and old and the dinners I've meant to cook and the lunches I have planned to share....getting my calendar out, and phone in hand. Planning some dates of fellowship and conversations of renewal.

Praying peace and love over those working their way through the grief of loss this day.
Asking for safety and health of my family and friends.
Petitioning for the wisdom to daily express the love and thanksgiving to those so precious in my life.
Seeking a new and deeper desire to show your grace and mercy to others.
Your Very Blessed Daughter

So, grab your phone, get in your car, cross the room..whatever it takes to assure those in your circle of life that they are loved and valued beyond measure!

Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo BakerWhere we write for five minutes without editing and see where it takes you, using a word Lisa has chosen.  Joining for the first time... Small

Small....the other day as I was driving through town I saw a "small" person. First time in a long time I had been reminded of the complexities of being small in stature. He looked so cute pulling the red wagon his little boy was riding in and a good time was being had my both. But in the days following I have contemplated the importance of the training of the small child in the wagon. How important it would be that he is taught that "size isn't everything" and that the respect would grow as his stature does. It will be because of love and respect for all the provisions and giving heart of the father that the child will grow in a balanced and happy life.
But then to be really honest isn't that true of us Big people too?? If respect and honor isn't taught to our children it will be a chaotic life we will all live!


Monday, August 12, 2013


Encouragement.... to fill with courage or strength of purpose...

Are you an encourager or the one in need of encouragement?? I have found myself on both sides of this issue and and without question would, normally, much rather be on the giving end! In the past few months I have been a recipient in more ways than I could have imagined and it has been AWESOME!

"Hang in there"...(I always picture the cat hanging from a limb :) Just Do It....This two shall pass...You can do it!... a few of the many automatic responses you may hear from a friend. But it is not only words that bring sunshine to the heart.

Through the past few months I have had the opportunity to experience some very interesting and fun forms of encouragement. Maybe I have enjoyed these smile creating moments because I have been on the alert. I am convinced I have missed or 'dis-missed' many of those nuggets of hope in the past simply by not taking time to look and listen.

As you may know by now I am training to walk The 3day  . 39 days and counting!!  It has required walking more and further than I would have ever imagined myself capable of. I have discovered some incredible nuggets in my path and along the sidelines. Many of these have given me just the boost I needed to finish my goal for the day.

Normally I would think of a card in the mail, phone call, email or visit from a friend as the tools used to deliver that much needed encouraging word. Through the various aspects of this walk, fund raising, walking the miles of prep, fundraising, attempting to raise awareness of the need, walking the miles of prep, fundraising..(I think you get the message :) I have learned to look in the most unexpected places!

 A person met along the way because I took the time to stop. 
A "PING" on my phone,"a donation has been made on your behalf"
New grips for my walking email this week that they are making a SPECIAL PINK 
pair for my walk...AWESOME!!
Cars passing with people honking and waving...cheering me on (strangers a few weeks ago)
A young boy, head out the window, yelling,"Hi...Hey I like your pink shirt!"
New experiences to be sure..each stamped with a smile on my heart.

 I ENCOURAGE  YOU this week to slow down, and take time to let the light shine on that nugget in your path that will bring that unexpected smile to your day and put a new spring in your step!!
Or maybe that beam will shine on you and you will be the nugget found in another persons path. Either way, YOU WIN!!

Walking Strong   Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

Wednesday, August 7, 2013



 I am on countdown for my 3Day Walk and putting in some long days. Todays training called for  a 17 mile trek , on a VERY hot day. Commitment, Motivation, and Determination have become my best friends as of late.

 Even with an early start the sun soon made its debut and the heat began to replace the cool freshness of the morning.

In my last blog I talked about the "Coincidences" or "God Things" of life. My daughter wrote to tell me that in a book she had read, the author spoke of coincidences as being "God Winks". I like that concept and am attempting  to keep my "Coincidence" antenna poised not wanting to miss even one of those 'winks'.  I have not been disappointed!

 Today as the sun began to heat up, and my tummy was suggesting lunch, I told myself that, "I could make my distance" if I turned around before my pre-determined spot.
After a quick "Commitment" scan, I continued to my destination, a consignment store on the south end of town. With a feeling of satisfaction, and anticipation, I went inside to cool down and take a break. After a look around the store I started to leave. "Where are you walking from?"   I had the feeling this was the opening to my daily "wink".

 Turns out the clerk was a cancer survivor with 2 other friends to add to my shirt.(I'm gathering the names of cancer victims to put onto my shirt and walk in honor of their battles)  We chatted for a while and as I left with the promise to "come back and report in" I knew that I had collected my "wink" for today. I walked home with new Motivation and Determination to be true to my Commitment. :)

Oh, yeah, by the way...I arrived home with 16.89 miles on my Runkeeper ...a walk around the house and the full 17 was done. I needed to check the garden anyway :)

It was another opportunity to share a smile with God as I realized how my goal had been met by following the path set before me for the day!

Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Have you ever found your self talking to a stranger and all of a sudden realizing that you were meant to meet this particular person at just this time?? Or maybe you hear a song that speaks to your situation at the moment...the Doc on TV  is answering or confirming your question...your devotion for the day is just the direction you need.....  Coincidence you say...I would call it a "God Thing".

Life seems to be full of those kind of happenings for me lately. Is God trying to tell me something I wonder?? Well, yes, I think He is. Just a simple "I'm here and I know you are too." Pretty cool to think that He loves me that much and cares enough to remind me!! How many times a day do I, in my busyness miss His little messages??  I am learning (I hope!) to be aware of the opportunities to "slow my pace" and enjoy the company of that stranger and the nugget God has chosen to drop in my path that day! The older lady struggling to get her walk for the day, the old man who is walking to 'keep his hip working' and that young person who has just chosen to be friendly..or best of all that appointment that is taking MUCH more time than you allotted because someone chooses to open their heart. These often prove to be a chance to encourage someone else and at the same time leave the encounter knowing my day has been 'kissed by God!'

Lord, allow me to see the appointments you have set for me and to be a ready and willing ear, or voice of your love, whichever you might choose.