Tuesday, March 1, 2016

A Gift of Responsibily

'Ther it is again !!❤  HOPE
www.the3day.org/goto/LauraMoody'February was a month of celebrations. Several of my friends and myself celebrated the gift of ONE MORE YEAR of life. It was also the month that we 'partied in the Chemo Room' as my daughter in law had her last "Chemo Monday'!

 For me I celebrated not that I "made it through the year" but that I came through with flying colors!! As the years pass the realization that life is truly a gift becomes a reason to pause and give thanks. The fact that not only was I given the gift of a new year but I open that year with fantastic health causes me to want to SHOUT with joy! In my moments of reflection I have become aware of the responsibility that comes with that gift.

Responsibility you may think??? Shouldn't I just take every day and concentrate on enjoying it?? After all I AM a SENIOR CITIZEN, I have served my time, raised my family and partnered with my husband to make a home filled with love.
Don't get me wrong, I DO intend to enjoy every moment, day, week or years God  chooses to give me. The responsibility lies in the choices I make for that allotted time. This past year has been full of new acquaintances ,old friends, and family who have, in one way or another, made that real to me.

The past year brought the death of two brother in laws and several friends, diagnosis of Dementia for another sister and the journey of chemo with our daughter in law. A year filled with those things that come with getting older. THAT my friends is exactly why I feel the need to take a new look at my responsibility to use my gift to the fullest!!

Death, Dementia, and Cancer...could each be a reason to run toward a lifestyle that keeps me hidden at home in fear, or looking only for fun, sun and a beach.  Hmmmmm that life could happen! :) but what I have found  is no matter where I am, there is always someone who needs a hug and maybe an ear.

 My responsibility lies in being aware of those in my life that need a touch, or word of encouragement or maybe a meal. Doing all I can to assure that my good health continues. I can walk wherever I might be (with the possibility of meeting a new friend on the trail)! Honing old relationships and making new but most importantly choosing JOY in each day.

It seems that as a birthday gift this year I have found a walking partner, and special friend. That has been a prayer and dream for three years and as easy as saying hello, there she was. The true blessing is that we walk the same pace, and find endless things to talk about. Can you say BONUS!?

So, as I begin this, a new year...fresh slate...I set out with the challenge to "Walk the Year 2016". ..2016 Miles in 2016.  I will walk the 3Day 60 Mile Susan G Komen walk to bring an end to breast cancer and give HOPE to those fighting. Walking for HOPE

 I will enjoy my family. I will make it my goal to be healthy and keep my eye out for that one who needs a hug, or an encouraging word.

Hope to see YOU on the trail!