Saturday, January 25, 2014

Let the Adventure Begin

We are almost two weeks into our time in Florida and the adventure is set to begin. We have spent the last 10 days exploring close to "home " and lying in the sun. What a refreshing time it has been.

Our walking sticks arrived yesterday.  After putting them together, walking shoes was time to kick the training into gear. I can't think of a more beautiful place to begin than down the trails, across the waterways and down the beaches of Florida!! The sunshine and sand definitely provide a safety factor lacking in the snow and ice of Montana.
A year of new friends, new stories, new motivation has begun. An opportunity to join thousands of other women and men walking hundreds of miles with the dream of seeing  an end to breast cancer. I will keep you posted on how to be a part of my team :)

We packed our bags and headed north. It was interesting to see the landscape change as we traveled the miles to Orlando..THE LAND OF DISNEY!!
Miles of swamp or Everglade, orange groves and finally pasture land with cows and horses. Huge transport trucks loaded to the top with oranges sped along the freeway. On the West Coast those same trucks would be loaded with potatoes, onions, corn, apples,or melons.
Made us realize how diverse or country is. How blessed we are to live in a country that 'grows it all' and ships from coast to coast!!

Walking thru the stores there is good chance of hearing a smorgasbord of languages to be mixed with the fashion choices of those you meet.

We have arrived in Orlando and will spend the next few days exploring the streets of Disney, greeting Mickey ,Goofy and all of Disney characters gathering memories and stories to be shared with family and friends.

So it is with hearts full of thanks for our many blessings we will ride some rides, see the sights and find a  younger us for the next few days.

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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Vagabond: A person who travels from place to place....

Vagabond...a person who wanders around from place to place without a home or a job.

Well, that describes us to a "T" as my Mom would have said.  BUT it is important to note that we did once have a job AND a home!! We have spent the majority of our years with a job of some sort and all of our lives, until the past few months,with a home. So I must make it clear it is by choice that we can be described as "true vagabonds."

It seems that even though we may not have a house to call our own, God seems to be moving us from place to place with a shelter included. At the present Jim and I have taken up residence in a friend's condo in sunny Florida. We are surrounded by senior citizens who seem anxious to welcome us into their community and share their favorite fun spots with us. So instead of being "strangers in the land" we are feeling like adopted wanderers.

The past few days have been spent 'settling in,' making things familiar and creating our gifted shelter into our home. Now it is time to get the maps out and put together an itinerary for the next month. Due to the fact that we have never visited Florida before there are sights to see, adventures to be had, and new friends to meet.

It is interesting that wherever we travel it is the familiar that we look for and savor a few minutes over a cup of coffee with a doughnut in hand :) Dunkin Donuts fits the bill just fine!!
 But now it is beaches, everglades, museums and amusement parks that are among the many destinations to be explored.
Anyone having a favorite Florida fun spot feel free to share!  I will endeavor to share our travels to keep you posted and would love to have you join us in the fun.

Thursday, January 9, 2014

I Choose "Adventure"

2014 has broken over the threshold and a new year begins and brings with it 365 new doors to open and paths to travel. Hmmm.. One of my favorite sayings is that "God never closes one door that He doesn't open another." It is with wonder and anticipation I approach the doors that will open and the paths I will wander this year.
With our house sold and our new home being mobile it is an unfamiliar feeling of being a little lost and unsettled that I begin this new year. I feel a little like the teen who just graduated.. everyone wants to know what her plans are and she wants to sound grown up and confident, but she doesn't know the answer :)
Here we are 8 days on this journey already and I have found myself in 3 different states.  Cherishing time with family and friends that I may not see for several months and grieving a bit at that thought. Sharing the grief of the loss of a family friend and realizing anew how fragile and uncertain life is.
Then barely able to contain the excitement as I made reservations to leave the ice and snow for sunshine, beaches and new friends and adventures.
The persistence of winter storms has caused us to park the motor home and take to the air for our first travel adventure of the year. One door closed another opened.
While our hearts desire would have taken us to PA to visit our daughter's family collecting hugs we will find ourselves walking in sunshine and sand in the state of Florida. My mind cannot help but wonder who and what awaits us there.
My daughter wrote a blog a few days ago challenging her readers to pick one word that they would want to have for their life goal in the coming year.
Mine would have to be 'Adventure.' My first thought was that this is the year of being unsettled. But I refuse to start my year in a state of negativeness so choose to look ahead to a year of new beginnings and ADVENTURE!
As I look down the road of 2014 I can imagine that the paths behind my doors are going to lead to new destinations, fellowship and commitment. Some life decisions will be made as I walk those paths. Some I will step through with trepidation while others I will run through with wings beneath my feet. Some I will stand on the threshold asking for clarity to walk ahead or turn away. I know that the paths I take and the choices I make will not only effect me.
It is with that in mind that I remind myself of the need of being still. Listening to that still small voice that gives warning and direction becomes my compass. Taking time to just be quiet and wait. Life and its busyness can be so confusing that a time of resting the soul is needed. Sometimes we just need to set on the bench along side the path and listen and wait for the clarity to continue.
Some paths I have already made commitments to walk and it will be interesting and exciting to see the timing for those doors to open and the prep that will come before.
It is important to note that not all paths are  necessarily bad or good. Sometimes the path chosen just isn't the most direct route to the most desired destination. One direction may take me to the same spot eventually as another but the time of arrival may take longer, thus delaying the joy of reaching the final destination and the rest and peace that comes with it! Sometimes God arranges a detour to prepare my heart for that which awaits me at the end of the path.
So I invite you to join me as I prepare for the adventure of a lifetime. Walking my path with all its twists, turns,  hills and valleys. The pauses to enjoy the view, lessons learned and new friends I meet along the way. Let's make 2014 a year to remember:)
By the way. ..;"What is Your word? "