Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Yesterday I went on my first REAL kickoff walk for 2014 3Day. Now don't get me wrong I have been doing some walking squeezed in between travels but this past week I have declared myself "IN TRAINING" so that means my walks need to be more consistent and planned a bit better :) I started today by walking beside a water canal. Peaceful, quiet and beautiful as the water flowed, bikers rolled by, and walkers strolled. (You won't find me strolling with my sticks...LOL  :)

As we have traveled to different areas and different states I have begun my collection of "names for the shirt" and shared my goal. Mesa has become my 'kick off' point and I can't put into words the excitement I feel as my countdown for success begins. With the miles there are always opportunities to meet someone new, hear a new story and hopefully to spread a little encouragement as I go. Encouragement has become the main goal and motivation of my walk.
Knowing that the end result will provide HOPE and HElP to someone fighting their battle with cancer puts fuel in my tank and determination in my heart. I have found, though, that it is not necessary to wait for the finish line to share a hug and a word of joy with someone along the path.
So it is that time again, and I am back on the trails,
Walking Strong   Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime


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Monday, April 7, 2014

Checking out Arizona


We traveled from Vegas down to Earp, CA almost 4 weeks ago, where we met up with a high school friend.  
Meeting up with old friends in new places is such fun. Friendships made in high school seem to have matured as life has taken us each on our own journeys and we have gained new perspective and priorities.          
Earp is a little community close to Lake Havasu a more familiar destination for the snow birds.

We pulled our motor home in beside George, facing the water, and set up camp for a couple days. There is something about water that calms the spirit and the renewing of old friendship brings jSeveral hours of refreshing memories and draining a couple pots of coffee we toured the area, and discovered a couple local eateries. Nothing demonstrates the personality of a community like a meal among the locals.
The wild burros roaming the countryside were a novelty to all the visitors young and old.
After a couple days in Earp, we secured the inside an hit the road again and headed toward Mesa, Az.
Ya know the old saying, "Home is where the heart is" we are proving again that that is indeed a fact.  In our years together we have lived in many different styles of homes, including very small and large houses, a camp size trailer, a tent (with 4 children) and now a motorhome. Through each adventure we have found that all it takes to make a dwelling a home is love and a willingness to share it.
A pot of coffee, a seat and an open door proves to be a key. When the kids were home it was often an offer of playtime to another Mom and her kids, a dinner shared with friends, or a s-more made over an open campfire.
In Mesa we have found neighbors from "home" are enjoying the sunshine and break away from normal life as we are and new adventures are shared. Our first week in Mesa was spent sharing time and fellowship with neighbors from our home site in Montana and from a small community close by.
While shopping at a nearby grocery and choosing a melon a woman close by commented on how her father used to grow them in Oregon. Of course I asked "Where in Oregon" well, that led to us learning that we had both lived in the same communities in both Oregon and Montana. A small world we live in indeed!!
The RV Park we ended up in, has proven to be a "home away from home. " We have connected with old friends and collected a bunch of new ones to add season and joy to our lives..
Swimming, a workout room, hikes around the neighborhood and a gospel music jam have been among the many activities we have shared. I have begun my training for the 3Day in San Diego so a walk along the water canal has provided a quiet peaceful and beautiful trek.
Cactus and roses blooming in March have added a bit of splendor to the view, while walking the dogs under a sky filled with stars and lighted by a full moon never cease to bring a feeling of awe and wonder.

So the search for a home base has begun...will it be in a place surrounded by desert, but offering the beauty of sunshine and roses in the winter...or a home surrounded by the mountains (offering snow covered peaks) and lakes with clear blue water calling me to sit,rest and soak in the peace of it all, or someplace yet unexplored??
My peace comes when I choose to remember that God has promised, that He has a plan for my life and "He will be with me WHEREVER I GO"! The greatest joy is knowing that He has control of the GPS and has my destination set!