Friday, September 6, 2013


Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo BakerWhere we write for five minutes without editing and see where it takes you, using a word Lisa has chosen.The word today is RED...GO

Several year ago I turned 50 and was now eligable to join the ranks of the "RED HATS" A group of friends and strangers who have all reached that milestone and are anxious to gather for some fun and silliness :) The only rule is that there are NO rules!! 
At the time, I had a very dear friend who was a widow in need of an excuse to just get out and enjoy life a bit. We made a date, purchased our first hat and found that nothing says "Fun" like a red hat :)
I am now the 'Queen Mum" of a group of nine women. Once a month we gather for a dinner together,sometimes a concert or special outing but ALWAYS a hug and laughter. Our heads covered with a creative Red hat (the bigger the better)a purple shirt,and bright and flashy accessories we join with a single goal. FRIENDSHIP 
I have found that as time passes and the demands of life change the greatest nugget I can mine is the companionship and support of another woman...but wait..isn't that true of any stage of life? Don't we always desire the fellowship and support of another "sister'? 
So if you have not quite yet reached the 'red milestone' go ahead purchase a pink hat and lavender shirt and have yourself some fun and turn a stranger into a friend!


  1. Thanks for the advice! I'm glad I stopped by from, to find myself a hat and a friend :).

  2. Awe, this post warms my heart. It will be 3 years before I can join the Red Hat Society. Too fun!