Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tis The Season

"Tis the season"

We are in a new phase of life and to say it is proving adventurous, exciting, challenging and sometimes a little unsettling would be putting it mildly.

 A little over a month ago we sold our home and have NO idea where life is leading us. Now, I must say, that a similar adventure when I was in my twenties (even with 4 small children) was much easier to deal with. (At least it was in my!)

Thanksgiving found us in a 'Temp" home provided by the giving hearts of our neighbors. We had a quiet day with our son and family counting the many blessings that had fallen our way over the years.    The next couple days brought our twin sons and their families 'home' to join us and fill the house full of the laughter and activity that can only be heard when children join the fray.
As the stories of 'do you remember when..." filled the house it proved the old saying "Home is where the Heart is" to be true.

Because we are nomads for a time and our belongings are hidden in boxes locked away in storage..our Christmas decorations and traditions are packed away for a time also. Now THAT has been a challenge for a Mom and Grandma's heart to settle into. But, new adventures are to be had and maybe some new traditions will work their way into our lives as we endeavor to keep the REAl reason for the season alive and well in our hearts.

This year found us sharing dinner with our son and family and then joining them for an evening of Christmas music and joy provided by a home school choir with our grandchildren as members.

We have traveled to Oregon and I was blessed to catch some sister time as we made our way to the Oregon coast for a little quiet time. Funny how even though it is "just us" now, we still require a little 'break away' from time to time. A walk on the beach always seems to be just the ticket!

Tomorrow we will head to Washington and settle in with our daughter and family for some old fashioned Christmas time. The days AND nights will be filled with the anticipation of Santa 's arrival, the sounds of children, and most importantly celebration of our Saviors birth!!  With a new baby in the mix we will surely be aware of that birth so many years ago, that now provides the REASON FOR THE SEASON, and all HIS birth has brought into our lives.

As I think of Christmas I am reminded that it is because of this gift of a tiny baby, sent from God Himself , that in this new era of my life, I can experience Peace, Joy and "settledness"even though all that is familiar is boxed and stored!

My prayer for this season is to be aware of those new traditions that may be in the making while my heart finds a new hunger to Seek after the ONE who made this season possible for us all.

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