Saturday, December 21, 2013

Home IS where the heart is!

Home is Where the Heart Is....

I have been contemplating that a lot in the past month. After selling our "house" several weeks ago it has  been made clear to me once more that it was just that..a HOUSE.

HOME, you see, goes with you where ever you are.

In the 46 years that I have been a wife and then a Mom home has taken on many shapes, forms and sizes. I have nested in an apartment, camp trailer, tent {with my husband and 4 children] a beautiful house and now will be settling into a motor home for a few months to come.

The past month has found us in "temporary" housing..offered by the kindness of our neighbors. Finding ourselves surrounded by someone else's treasures has been both a blessing and challenge all wrapped together. The most amazing thing happened each time a friend or family would walk through the door, "Welcome to OUHOME!!" The excitement of seeing one another and the love shared transformed the unfamiliar to all that really matters, bringing the warmth to the heart that only being home can do.

With most of the familiar treasures from life packed and stored it is an opportunity to incorporate some of the old into smaller forms of itself bringing that "look" of HOME. The comforting thing is knowing that minus the room, minus the "things" the love and hugs of family and friends will assure that we will never be "HOMELESS."

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