Monday, March 17, 2014

Finding Happiness in Whatever STATE I'm In

The past 6 months have taken us across the country and back,
with many adventures and family time added to our memory book. We have resided for a time in Montana, Oregon, Washington, Florida, Utah and now Nevada. Some for months, some for weeks and some for just a day or two. This vagabond thing isn't so bad!! New friends and 'favorite places' every day.

Life in the motor home as HOME has truly begun. These Vagabonds have gathered their belongings {a portion anyway) tucked them in to their new spaces and are ON THE ROAD but taking HOME along.
We returned to Montana from Florida...took note of the snow, ice and cold and headed West leaving our the motor home in the throes of winter. We spent a couple weeks visiting family, soaking up love and hugs. Playing on the beach and waiting for dry roads and a little warmer weather to make its' way north. Our wish was finally  made reality. We hooked the car behind the motor home and pulled away from Tim's home in Stevensville. We drove to Butte and  after spending the night with Tom's family we headed South looking for sunshine.
Several hours of travel later we found ourselves in Utah having found the sunshine and warmth. We shed the sweatshirts and long pants for t shirts and shorts found some fresh water for the tanks and we could now begin to make this place home!
After another day on the road we pulled in to Kings Row RV in Las Vegas for the night. Not before a bit of adventure though. I had programed Vegas into the GPS so it had every intention of helping us get a true tour of the town. I quickly changed the city of desired destination but not before getting a taste of the traffic that comes with the city.  Upon waking the next morning that one night turned into a decision to set roots for a WEEK! There was cleaning and organizing to be done!!
So the past couple days have found me inside sorting winter and summer clothes, combining all the doubles into one,doing a bit of shopping and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning.
Jim had outside repairs and chores to do. He quickly met all the neighbors and got the lay of the land.  Men with tools made themselves and their tools quickly available.
The repairs are done the tools returned {with a jar of homemade jam as a THANKS } and today he hung the family pictures, It is taking on the feel and appearance of home.
With the clutter gone and peace restored we are hoping to take the car on a few side trips and explore the state of Nevada then maybe doing a little jaunt into AZ with Pennsylvania on the horizan!!

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