Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Laundry on the road....

Laundry day on the road.

One of those 'blasts from the past' that comes with travel is the weekly trips to the Laundromat. There have been times on and off when we were vacationing that I have visited the local laundry facility and it is always an adventure. Now that my home is on wheels it has become a weekly occurrence and the experience never ceases to amaze me. You are guaranteed of a little adventure each time..the amount of said adventure is dependent on the facility and those patrons using the facility.

The first order of business is always to secure enough quarters to begin the task. This may change drastically from place to place depending on the number of quarters required to run the machines and dryers and the amount of dirty laundry accumulated. (Do you remember when a wash was 50 cents and the dryer ran for 10 -15 minutes on a DIME?) Well,sweetheart, those days are gone forever! I have found in the past few months that a washer can cost upwards to 1.50 and the dryers vary according to the number of minutes for a quarter....and beware of the temp!! This morning we paid .75 per wash and .25 for at least 30 minutes of dry time. We consider this one a bargain as they all worked and did a good job :) (Sometimes it is the little things in life!)

Now, I have found it pays to be friendly to the 'locals' because they just might save you from melting down your favorite sweater, or spending several dollars to dry those towels.
Those same locals can provide you with enough entertainment to last a week. The best bet is to just be quiet and watch and listen. Sometimes that is all you CAN do as a disgruntled citizen attempts to solve the worlds woes as he waits for his wash.

Or it may be an opportunity of a lifetime to learn some of the best household tips ever. Someone is sure to know the best route of travel for your next destination or where to  get the best meal in town!
Best of all is the opportunity to share a moment of encouragement with someone desperately needing it.

One thing for sure, I never leave without being thankful for the clean laundry and a warm and comfy place to put it.

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