Sunday, June 23, 2013


Anticiapation....That word can conjure up a multitude of feelings, fear, nervousness, dread or shear joy. In my life right now I have several upcoming events that my are filling my life with JOYFUL anticipation.

I have found that in my varied roles of Wife, Mom, and Grandma, I can experience several forms of anticipation  simutaneously. But at this particular moment shear joy, would decribe it best.
In 3 days we will join our youngest daughter and husband in a judges chambers as they and their children take an oath to love ,cherish and care for their new baby son and brother. The only word to decribe the anticipation of that day would be JOY.

In five days our oldest daughter and family will have traveled across the country, our youngest daughter and family will have traveled for several hours and our 3 boys will join us from in-state. We will be surrounded by ALL of our children and grandchildren for the first time in 5 years. The sounds of choas and laughter will fill the house and my anticipation can only be described as SHEAR JOY!

In 6 days my oldest Grandson will marry a sweet young lady and begin a new life filled with adventures and challenges. Their anticipation of  the love, adventures and challenges of their life together shines on their faces. While I'm sure their anticipation would be a mixture of nervousness and wonder of all the things that lie ahead Joy would overshadow all the others, and would be shared by all of those who love them.

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