Friday, June 21, 2013


Life is full of 'wonders'. Those moments when we set back in awe and appreciate the workings of our God in our lives. Sometimes they seem trivial to those around us but in our heart we know something awesome has taken place. Other times even a stranger would look at the situation and KNOW that they have shared a 'wonder'.
As a wife of 46 years,the Mom of 5 married children and Grandma of 16 there have been alot of those moments in my life. Hopefully as time goes on I will be privileged to share some of those times with you.
Let me share our latest little 'WONDER'. Our youngest daughter has struggled with infertility for the past nine years. While still holding to the dream of 'someday' bearing a child of her own,she and her husband gave their hearts and their love to 3 children. All adopted through Foster Care. 
Then, after years of doctors and disappointment,they made a decision to finalize the hope of bearing their own little wonder. She took all the pain and emotions that came with that decision and reached out through a blog  No Maybe Baby in hopes of helping other women. That blog has turned into a book NO MAYBE BABY!! (ordering possibilities found on her blog site or by clicking here.)
Shortly after learning that her book was headed for print, they learned of a young woman whose was carrying a little one who was gonna need a loving home. 
Yes, it's true! We have welcomed a new little 'wonder' into our family. A beautiful little boy has stolen our hearts. The amazing thing to this Grandma is that even though he is #16 my heart feels like he is #1!!! That my friend is the 'wonder' of love!

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