Saturday, June 22, 2013

Overcoming Obstacles

In my personal page I mentioned that I have had several challenges that I would have gladly let pass by had I had a choice. I am going to share a couple of those with you and how I have been able to take the 'lemons' in my life and make the perverbial lemonade. This batch takes 3 lemons with a choice to spin them into something refreshing!!

Lemon #1 
At 5 years of age my brother, home from Korea, had just purchased a "new" car. We lived on a narrow country road and headed to town for some hot dogs to roast in celebration. The nieghbor boy was coming home at the same time. We "met" on a sharp,blind corner which sent me to the hospital with a severe head injury. 
The doctor warned my parents to "not expect much from her" . (The accuracy of his diagnosis is still up for debate in some circles :) 
Lemon #2
As a 17 year old senior in High School I once again was in the wrong place at the wrong time ...and the result was 2 broken legs..compound fractures in each. The doctors the questioned whether I would ever walk again.As you may imagine those injuries have brought a variety of challenges over the years. Finally 5 1/2 years ago I had a surgery which after a very long recovery time has enabled me to walk to my hearts content. 
Lemon #3
Six years ago while in for a routine mammogram they found a "questionable" spot. After all the testing the diagnosis was cancer. I was blessed to have found it early, but was set for surgery and radiation. 
As many of you know the very word CANCER turns your world upside down. All that was 'normal' is looked at through a pink colored lens.
Now 6 years later while watching a Susan G Komen 3day 60 mile walk commercial, I accepted the challenge.  A few days later I registered and the commitment was made!! Now I am training for the Seattle walk in Sept.. Each mile I walk is in thanksgiving and a CELEBRATION of LIFE and the ABILITY TO WALK!
Nothing is more refreshing and healing  than taking those difficult times in your life and creating a positive memory . Finding something that brings HOPE and HELP to others is a bonus indeed.
Check out my personal page   Susan G Komen 3day Walk

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