Friday, July 18, 2014


 I just pulled up the blog to see that it has been 6 weeks since I have set down to share a little bit of life. So many things have happened in those weeks that I won't begin to take you through it all.

The past week has been one of those emotional roller coasters times that we all experience at some point in our lives...some of us more often than others :)

As I have shared before our home sold in September of last year and so for the last 10 months we have been vagabonds. For this wife and Momma the challenge has been to keep my 'homemaker' gene happy. Downsizing from a 3400 sq ft home to a 250 sq ft motorhome, sharing that space and making it 'homey' has been a little crazy at times but all in all the weeks that have spread to months have gone well and we have enjoyed this time of 'togetherness'.

After our home sold we had a few goals in mind for our next place. We have made a list of 'things to look for' and we felt they made a lot of sense as we have become Senior Citizens.
We felt our new home should have the following...
1) Single story...Small home so as to make it easy to clean making any preparation to make a spur of the moment trip quick and easy. Also stairs can become a hazard as the years pass...or so we have been told.
2) Elbow room. No more homeowners rules, a shop for Jim to 'tinker' without the need of approval of others. (We are pretty independent we have found) although family and friends are an important part of the plan.
3) A milder climate...below 0 weather, ice and snow have lost their appeal.
4) Someplace where we can be self sufficient
5) Within the reach of good medical care

We discussed these and felt we were being very Practical and Wise.

Before I share the ups and downs of the past week I have to share Jim's dream for the 48 years of our marriage has always been to farm and live that lifestyle. We have been blessed to make that a reality as we raised our children.

So now we fast forward to the past week keeping in mind the 'guidelines' for our next home.
Throwing all our 'sensible' priorities to the wind ..We found and made an offer on a 30 acre farm. It included a 3 story, 5 bedroom home. 2 kitchens and 21/2 bath. The property also had 2 large barns and a 2 car garage/shop, beautiful fields, garden area and fruit trees.

The farm was located about an hour away from town on winding country, although paved, roads.

Three days were spent with that 'maybe' feeling. Trying hard not to become attached but going over the 'what ifs' and the 'Are we Crazy' feelings.
When all was said and done we are still vagabonds and the motorhome is still our current dwelling.

Add to that, my oldest sister moved into an assisted living facility for those dealing with Alzheimer Disease a few days ago. Now, don't misunderstand. The move was a blessing for she and the family. As Safety became an issue the change was a necessity. This home will provide, that safety factor, along with fellowship and new friendships in a beautiful setting.
It is a mix of emotions and feeling of loss that can only be understood by those who share the devastation of this disease to someone you love.

Hence the emotional rollercoaster...those days when tears are just behind the surface,sometimes spilling over and silently making tails down the cheeks. It is something that is shared by women everywhere, while our husbands sigh, shake their heads trying hard to understand, but if we are fortunate love us anyway.

So in a week we will unplug all the cords and hoses and once again head down the road in search of that new home that surely awaits us.

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