Friday, July 18, 2014

5 Minute Friday Bloom

Five Minute Friday
So I haven't done this but a couple times. Marcy Hanson invited me to join the discussion several months ago. I noticed the word for this week and thought I would comment.
The way it works...check on 5 minute Friday@lisajobaker for the word and then write for 5 minutes....
this week the word is
Bloom !! 

As I read that word and voiced it I heard it as a command. Be productive!!!

BLOOM...the vision was that of a beautiful blossom, the result of a seed that had fallen to the ground..sent its roots into the soil and and grown into a plant that produced a blossom. All because it heard that command from from the Master of nature...BLOOM! 
The process is never easy, you may not have the privilege of choosing our 'soil' (where you are planted).
 You may find rocks (obstacles) in your soil or have to fight through the weeds (those that would say "it can't be done"). BLOOM!
 Even with the best soil..full of nutrients (encouragement and support) there are always obstacles..(those things you cannot control). The sun may not shine or all you get is rain. 
But the struggle and fight is worth it. BLOOM!

Whether you see yourself as a dandelion (how often did you pick a cheery yellow bouquet for Mom?) a beautiful rose or even a delicate orchid...the command from the Master is still the same BLOOM.
The purpose of the command is to not only bring satisfaction of a job well done and completed to YOU but to bring JOY, DELIGHT, and HOPE to those around you.
5 minute Friday@lisajobaker5 minute Friday..Bloom

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