Sunday, September 15, 2013


The first "picture" that always comes to mind with the word ANTICIPATION was a time when I was about 6 years old and my parents had promised a trip to town. We lived in a very small community and a trip to town meant shopping at the 88 Cent Store ( Dollar Stores! Does that make me old?). A visit to the auction for my Dad and brother and a bowl of Chinese Noodle Soup with Daddy and Momma.  Daddy had responded to a call and had gone to help a neighbor in need. In my eagerness to be on the road, I set on the back of Mommas red fabric couch, in front of the big 'picture' window watching for the approach of Daddy's car and the promised adventure.

Next comes the time when I found myself several blocks from home after the sun had slipped below the horizon. Shadows danced in the dim light coming from homes and the occasional street light. My mind began recalling all those scary movies I had watched and mysteries I had read and I found myself contemplating the danger behind every bush !

Then came the day in the doctors office when I was diagnosed with breast cancer...She quickly made an appointment with a surgeon. As the day of the appointment neared I anxiously awaited his plan of attack and the detour my life would take in the weeks and months ahead.

Amazing, isn't it how the same word, in different forms, can conjure up such different memories. Bringing with the memories a tear of disappointment,  a tickle of nervousness in the tummy, or a smile at the prospect of adventure.

In 5 days I will embark on the one of the greatest adventures and challenges of my lifetime. I will spend 3 days walking 20 miles each day with an incredible group of men and women.  The community will be bathed in pink and the shared goal of all is to bring Hope and Help to those battling  breast cancer.
My anticipation has taken the form of contemplation with all that lies ahead and what it means to me
and many others. The opportunity to be involved in something that effects so many lives is totally overwhelming. Add to that the fact that for me, every step is a miracle, the excitement and eagerness becomes hard to contain.

In 5 days I will mark the beginning of a challenge I took on 7 months ago. It promises to be a culmination of hard work, over a thousand miles of walking, creating a circle of friends and the humbling honor of representing nearly two hundred cancer victims whose names I will carry with me.

But wait...this looks to be the prelude of more to come! In November of 2014 my niece Pam Smith will join me to once again walk the 60.  So now, I share with her, the anticipation of all this adventure promises in the joy of bringing Hope and Help to others.

What are YOU anticipating???

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