Monday, September 16, 2013


In 3 days I will take off on the most incredible adventure of my lifetime! I will endeavour to use this blog as an avenue to keep in touch with family and friends.  Because of the length of my walk each day  I will not get to my updates until the evenings..but I will carry your love and support with me ALL day!

Excitement is running high and my 'to do' list IS getting shorter. Because we are taking the motor home and planning to extend the trip a couple weeks the list is a little more complicated :)
Each day continues to present me with a new reminder of why I made this commitment. I walk each mile in honor those who are fighting their battle with cancer. My walking shirt carries 180 names of those you have shared.

Early in my journey  a young man told me that his personalized  license plate was "time is money". I told him I was in training for my 3day Walk and that "I would supply the time and miles but I need help with the money." I had no idea at that time the harvest those miles on the trail would produce. I am delivering to Seattle  $3540 to be added to the grand total, for research, education, and provisions. All because of YOU and your willingness to provide the money!!

Because this has been a life changing event in my life the adventure will not end in Seattle!! I have signed on to 60 Miles in San Diego 2014! My niece is joining me and we plan to "Rock the Walk! "
 Decide now to join me by committing to give support through "time OR money" Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime :)

Walking Strong
Laura  (Grandma M)

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