Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fueled by Commitment

It has been three days since I crossed the finish line...60 Miles in 3 Days!!  With a feeling of tremendous satisfaction I completed a commitment made nearly 7 months ago and renewed many times to friends and family who showed their support financially and emotionally. One hundred and eighty cancer patients who have, or are, fighting the battle for a lifetime (Some who fought valiantly and lost) I carried with me, names imprinted on my walking shirt a promise made to "take them with me across the finish line."

I trained hard for seven months in order to be prepared for the challenge I knew was ahead. After the first day I realized how thankful I was for the months of training...but worried it wasn't enough. For the first time since my commitment a little voice began to 'speak the words of doubt.'  Those of you who have followed my journey know that your support and those 'Winks from God' have been my inspiration and motivation. Friday was no different...I arrived at camp to find several letters and cards of encouragement waiting for me, my phone 'pinged' with countless messages of love, pride and ' you go girl' from friends and family. Hugs and love from strangers topped the day.  The doubt was dispelled and the assurance that nothing would come between me and that finish line returned! I began to recognize the power of the faith placed in me and the commitment I knew I had made to so many.

The second day brought with it it's own share of hills and challenges. I found myself in the role of encourager to many as they fought their own battles with doubts, exhaustion and blisters.  My strength and joy seemed to return with each step as I again began to recall my reasons for being here and  the commitment I had made. As the sun set on day two I found my commitment renewed, motivation restored and myself 20 miles closer to the goal!

Day three arrived with the promise of a shorter route and a celebration to be shared with my 1200 fellow walkers at the close. It also arrived wet and windy. Mother Nature threw her last hurrah in the final four hours on the trail. The skies opened to pour a deluge of water on the  parade of pink and winds strong enough to be called 'tree trimmers' by the weatherman hurled their forces in an attempt to slow or even stop our progress.
At the beginning of the storm the most brilliant rainbow appeared reaching from the horizon to a fluffy cloud the shape of a cotton ball floating above. It seemed to hover over the trail for several miles. It served as a beautiful reminder of a promise from God and provided the feeling He knew exactly where I was at that moment in time.
Before me lay the opportunity to proclaim victory over all the obstacles and doubts produced by the challenge of the route.With that opportunity came the reminder that every step was fueled by a commitment I had made  and  that my walk was meant to bring Honor and Hope to so many!!

As the last hill came into sight, lined with people in all shades of pink and carrying a variety of noisemakers. Family, Friends and Strangers giving HIGH FIVES and hugs of congratulations. Tears of joy overflowed as the realization of a mission accomplished began to set in. After a time in 'holding'  we filed onto the field to our closing ceremony. 1200 walkers celebrating the end of 3 incredible days with one goal in mind...bringing an end to breast cancer !! As the song "WE ARE FAMILY" reverberated  from the speakers we hugged, cried and celebrated life...our own and those whose lives would be changed and given HOPE by  the three million dollars we had collectively raised.

 The commitment I made 7 months ago and renewed often to friends and family proved to be the fuel for the motivation to see the end of the most amazing life changing adventure of a lifetime!

I owe gratitude and thanks to so many but the support of my husband through the hundreds of miles walked in training,  seeing his smiling face and sharing a hug and tears of celebration at the end of my journey was a gift beyond measure! The arrival of our daughter and family for the closing ceremony was priceless :)

Get ready San Diego 3Day  we will be coming your way Nov. 21-23 of 2014 for the challenge you lay out....

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