Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Finding Balance on the Priority Scale

                    For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace.
                                                                            I Corinthians 14:33                                                         

It is amazing to me how often it is necessary to re-evalute where the important things in life are on my "Priority Scale." The busyness of life has a way of overtaking sensibilities and all of a sudden life is in spiral of activities without order.
Then something happens to bring me to a halt.  I take a new look at life and what is really important.
My life has always seemed to function in high gear and I never seem to have the luxury of dealing with one life event at a time. It seems that in the midst of one major happening another rears it's head and demands it's rightful place and my attention.
A few examples ....
As a teenager while nursing my mother after a major heart attack, I was in a car accident which resulted in the fracture of both bones in both legs.
As I was recovering from the throes of breast cancer treatment, I ended up with major surgery on my ankle to correct complications of the broken bones years earlier.
While celebrating the completion of walking Susan G Komen 3 Day  our realtor called to announce an offer on the sale of our home..
As the sale of the home was drawing to a close, my husband entered the hospital for a total knee replacement....
Each of these events held a high degree of importance and was considered a major life event..only to seemingly be upstaged by the next. As I recall them now I see the impact that they have brought to my life and how they influenced those things I claim as priorities in my life.
I had lost my Dad to a heart attack just about a year before Mom suffered her first attack. As a teenager I learned quickly that I needed to treasure each day. Then came the car accident and broken legs which made me realize the importance of  appreciating those things I often take for granted.   For example, simply walking freely across the room, and the treasure wrapped in friendship and love I possess.
Breast cancer showed me not only the gift of life but the gifts life had given me wrapped in the flesh of family and friends.
Ankle surgery again brought the appreciation of the everyday blessings of life.
Walking the 3 Day allowed me to take the difficult memories that had come with my accident, ankle surgery and cancer and turn them into daily reminders that God has restored my health. It was an opportunity to celebrate LIFE and a reminder that every step is a gift!
The sale of our home and decision to downsize gave opportunity to share keepsakes of 46 years of marriage with our children and frees us for a new and yet to be imagined adventure in our retirement. Jim's knee replacement promises mobility as we begin this new phase of life.
So, putting these lessons on life together has helped to shape my priority list and brought me to point of stopping my spiral of craziness, to put my values in order, slow down give gratitude for the blessings I have.
Family, Friends, Health and Mobility wrapped in the Grace and Mercy of my God are the things that keep my life in order and my Priority Scale balanced.

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