Friday, November 1, 2013

Finding your passion...

For several years October has been know as Breast Cancer month and the fight to bring an end to this disease which affects so many lives. Everywhere we look our world has been "pinked". We  are given opportunities to participate in a walk or a run, raising awareness and funds for research, education or practical help to the victims.
In the recent years many other foundations have come forward in an effort to gain warriors for their battles.
The Saturday following my Susan G Komen 3Day walk to help in funding research to bring an end to breast cancer my daughter ran a 10K to bring awareness to Domestic Violence. It seems October is also Domestic Violence month... I have pledged to add Purple to my Pink. One in Four women will deal with this monster in their lifetime....then you add the children and men who battle with their monsters and it is indeed a sad story.
Today my husband found an article declaring October Down Syndrome month and a walk to bring awareness to Down Syndrome. (no color mentioned)
Add to these Heart Disease, Prostrate Cancer, ALS (Lou Gerigs Disease), Infertility, MS,  and the list goes on and on....and the months each claimed with a cause.
I'm sure as you consider the needs and think of those you know or love who have been affected by one of these diseases you can relate at some level. Why not choose to be a part the fight. There is someone in your world who needs you to be their inspiration and encourager! You will be amazed what you learn about yourself as you choose to honor someone else!!
Find your passion..step out of your comfort zone..and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.
If you are the one in need of inspiration and encouragement reach our and be aware!! Sometimes our needs are met in the most unexpected ways!!

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