Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Finding my Normal

After almost 3 weeks we are home, our house is quiet and the daily routine is once again in play. Having family here and the rooms filled with laughter, stories,  "Adventures in the Life Of ....", squeals of joy and finally tears of departure, life is getting 'Back to Normal.' A good thing??? I'm not sure how I would truthfully answer that..good in the sense that each have their homes where life brings to each his own adventure and challenges...sad in that the quietness can become awfully loud at times. But, I know that, that in itself is a good thing and the memories will have to suffice until life brings us together again.

Normal for each of has its own meaning. When we have small children running through the house normal is often chaos, laughter and  never ending piles of laundry to be washed and folded. As they become teenagers normal at our house was a home filled with friends, always hungry and looking for fun. Then became the time for new relationships,new love and building of homes and families of their own. (For Mom that meant new sons or daughters in love and grandchildren to be loved and spoiled!) Prayers change as each new step brings with it new requests and needs. Funny how safety, happiness and guidance always are on the list :)

Normal for me right now looks nothing like I would have pictured it a year ago, but I guess that is what life is really all about. Change, Challenge and making a decision to JUST DO IT. In February of this year I reached one of those 'milestones' in life and decided to take a leap from my 'norm' and began what has become a journey of a lifetime.

 After watching a commercial, with my daughter, for the Susan G Komen 3Day 60 Mile Walk for the Cure, I made a commitment, put on my walking shoes and haven't looked back. Instead of getting out of bed,doing a bit of exercise, and planning a day of 'retirement.' I now get up, have a quick breakfast, grab my walking sticks and am out for my 6 to 15 mile walk. At the present I am averaging 40-50 miles per week. That has NEVER been normal for me. I have never been an athlete so I have shocked myself and my family with the 'new me'.
After experiencing compound fractures in both legs as a teen and breast cancer 6 years ago the decision to create a new normal has been an adventure beyond measure. Turning a couple negatives into a positive by participating in an activity to bring HOPE and help to others has proven to be a very healing process. You can share in the battle My 3Day Walk

So I ask you.."What is your normal?" Life feeling a bit 'sluggish? ' It is never to late and you are never to old to create a new normal and find  a new joy and purpose for living. JUST DO IT!!

Walking Strong      Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime

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