Thursday, July 11, 2013


INSPIRATION....what or who comes instantly to mind when you hear that word??  My first thought was of my children who have each found their niche in life and gone for the gusto, while keeping their priorities in check. I have shared several times in this blog about my family, the support, love and encouragement we have shared. It is a wonderful thing when as a Mom I find myself finding INSPIRATION from their lives. I love them all "Past the Clouds!"  (a family endearment created by our twins when Jim and I were working on our pilots licenses and constantly looking heavenward to 'name that cloud formation')

I look at their lives, the strength of their convictions and their accomplishments with assurance that the home, love, discipline and support that Jim and I have striven to give has been a part of their INSPIRATION for making those life choices. No...we have not always made the best decisions,or given the best advice but that being said, our goal was to acquaint them with the ONE who could and would always have the best directives and plans for their lives. We just loved them fiercely at all times. 

So now it comes full circle and they become my INSPIRATION  to go beyond my comfort zone and push myself to be all that I can be! "Life is short...don't waste a moment"   "You only live who cares if you look a little silly...enjoy that Grandchild!"  "Go ahead Mom...start that blog :)"  "You CAN walk 60 miles!"   ...the list goes on...  

As I write this I realize that my life goal is to find opportunities to to be an INSPIRATION and encouragement to others. To help even one person see beyond the boundaries they have set around themselves, step out of their comfort zone and  "Go for the Gusto."  Life IS short we are not promised health or life for tomorrow so join me in my quest for making each day count in your life and the life of someone else!!


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