Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Motivation...As I have mentioned in previous blogs I am training for the Susan G Komen 3day 60 mile walk for the cure of breast cancer. After posting that I am REALLY close to 800 miles since making my commitment in March a friend asked, "What is it that keeps you motivated?"
The answer was really quite simple for me.."I walk in honor of the donations made on my behalf but more than that I walk to honor all those who have or are now fighting their battle with the " BIG C. " Friends,family and strangers alike have chosen to support me financially and emotionally through this journey. My promise to them has been to WALK STRONG. 
 When I feel tired, or think," I did a good walk yesterday," I only have to remember that someone out there does not have a choice on which day to be strong and carry on...that is motivation for me to grab my sticks and get on the road. Then there are those little 'wonders' that drop into my the older lady struggling to put one foot in front of the other, but determined to 'get her walk in for the day.' I casually slow my speed and meander with her for the next little while till we reach her home. We talk about the beauty around us, the gift of health and walking and I learn her daughter is dealing with breast cancer. I get her daughters name, assure her that I will carry her name on my walking shirt as I do the BIG walk and finish my 16 miles with a new motivation. 
The 'wonders' have been many, a story shared, a ping on my phone "a donation has been made on your behalf" when I am feeling a bit tired and least expect it. A 10 mile walk with a 17 year old who assured me "I'm a dancer..I don't get tired" and then proved it while keeping me company and making my walk go so much more quickly. The old man who was awed by my walking sticks and excited to think  that "with a set of those he could once again get back to doing something he loved and missed".. a walk.
How often I take the simple things in my life for granted, like being able to walk across the room without pain, the ability to speak, see, hear and hug.(one of my favorites!)
The fact that I am loved, have a home and family that are intact. ( Not perfect but mine none the less.) When I give myself time to think and meditate on these things I am motivated to bring HOPE and HELP to someone else, if not through walking sometimes through just being there, taking a moment to be. 
In your busy life..What is that motivates you? What is that you find makes you want to be the best you that you can be?
Montana Gram
Walking Strong    Because Everyone Deserves a Lifetime   
My 3 Day Journey

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  1. Mom, you're doing so awesome! You are going to rock that walk!!