Sunday, July 21, 2013


My post is once again inspired by a song from my Pandora..What Faith Can Kutless.

One segment of the lyrics in particular caught my attention and has been rolling over in my mind ever since,
            "It doesn't matter what you've heard 

 Impossible is not a word
 It is just a reason for someone not to try"

WOW! was my first response and continues to be. Looking back to only a year ago there is no way I would have believed that I would be able to say "I have walked 800 miles in 4 months." Two years ago Jim and I accepted our first walking challenge...250 miles in 3 months.  After doubling the distance in the set time my comment was "Let's walk across the USA" Jim thinking that I had surely lost it, looked at me questioningly. " "VIRTUALLY I mean", I responded.  Impossible you say.... The laundry room wall became the 'Map Wall" and would you believe we are almost on the east coast!!!

But wait a minute...some goals require a strategy:

Knowing that a 3,000 mile hike was a little overwhelming we begin making "do-able" goals. I got out my address book and set down at the computer to 'google' addresses of friends and family. We set out to make it from the nearest to the furthest, calling to announce our arrival and "joining" them for a cup of coffee.Who says you can't make the Impossible fun? When I called my sister in Oregon we had a good laugh and a promised cup was waiting for our actual visit.  A few weeks ago when we reached Erie,PA I called our daughter to announce "being outside her door" we enjoyed a dish of ice cream together :) Walking to Oregon or PA would have seemed IMPOSSIBLE even 21/2 years ago.

What I learned was, each time I achieved a small 'impossible' goal the more POSSIBLE that huge goal became. As I look back on my life I can see many "impossible" goals that have been reached. Some have been reached through the encouragement from a friend or family member who could see what I could not. Some have come through a determination and strength from within. ALL have come because I made that first step...
A favorite scripture is Phillippians 4:13  "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me" which to me says " it doesn't matter what you've heard..Impossible is not a word "
 It is not always a physical challenge, it may be speaking in front of others, choosing to trust, choosing to stop and just be, beginning a new job. It may be choosing an unpopular path because I know it is the right path...
Whatever it is.. your adventure begins by setting that first 'impossible' goal. Step out of your comfort zone with a little bit of faith, then shoot for the stars and reach for the moon!! 

Walking Strong

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  1. You're such a rockstar, mom! Pretty soon you'll have to put countries you want to visit on you mileage map! :)