Tuesday, August 6, 2013


Have you ever found your self talking to a stranger and all of a sudden realizing that you were meant to meet this particular person at just this time?? Or maybe you hear a song that speaks to your situation at the moment...the Doc on TV  is answering or confirming your question...your devotion for the day is just the direction you need.....  Coincidence you say...I would call it a "God Thing".

Life seems to be full of those kind of happenings for me lately. Is God trying to tell me something I wonder?? Well, yes, I think He is. Just a simple "I'm here and I know you are too." Pretty cool to think that He loves me that much and cares enough to remind me!! How many times a day do I, in my busyness miss His little messages??  I am learning (I hope!) to be aware of the opportunities to "slow my pace" and enjoy the company of that stranger and the nugget God has chosen to drop in my path that day! The older lady struggling to get her walk for the day, the old man who is walking to 'keep his hip working' and that young person who has just chosen to be friendly..or best of all that appointment that is taking MUCH more time than you allotted because someone chooses to open their heart. These often prove to be a chance to encourage someone else and at the same time leave the encounter knowing my day has been 'kissed by God!'

Lord, allow me to see the appointments you have set for me and to be a ready and willing ear, or voice of your love, whichever you might choose.

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  1. I read a book once that called coincidences "God winks". :)