Friday, August 16, 2013

Five Minute Friday with Lisa Jo BakerWhere we write for five minutes without editing and see where it takes you, using a word Lisa has chosen.  Joining for the first time... Small

Small....the other day as I was driving through town I saw a "small" person. First time in a long time I had been reminded of the complexities of being small in stature. He looked so cute pulling the red wagon his little boy was riding in and a good time was being had my both. But in the days following I have contemplated the importance of the training of the small child in the wagon. How important it would be that he is taught that "size isn't everything" and that the respect would grow as his stature does. It will be because of love and respect for all the provisions and giving heart of the father that the child will grow in a balanced and happy life.
But then to be really honest isn't that true of us Big people too?? If respect and honor isn't taught to our children it will be a chaotic life we will all live!


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  1. Teaching respect and honor is a hard job, to be sure. What a lucky little boy that his dad takes the time to play with him, pulling him through town in his little wagon! Happy Five Minute Friday!