Wednesday, August 7, 2013



 I am on countdown for my 3Day Walk and putting in some long days. Todays training called for  a 17 mile trek , on a VERY hot day. Commitment, Motivation, and Determination have become my best friends as of late.

 Even with an early start the sun soon made its debut and the heat began to replace the cool freshness of the morning.

In my last blog I talked about the "Coincidences" or "God Things" of life. My daughter wrote to tell me that in a book she had read, the author spoke of coincidences as being "God Winks". I like that concept and am attempting  to keep my "Coincidence" antenna poised not wanting to miss even one of those 'winks'.  I have not been disappointed!

 Today as the sun began to heat up, and my tummy was suggesting lunch, I told myself that, "I could make my distance" if I turned around before my pre-determined spot.
After a quick "Commitment" scan, I continued to my destination, a consignment store on the south end of town. With a feeling of satisfaction, and anticipation, I went inside to cool down and take a break. After a look around the store I started to leave. "Where are you walking from?"   I had the feeling this was the opening to my daily "wink".

 Turns out the clerk was a cancer survivor with 2 other friends to add to my shirt.(I'm gathering the names of cancer victims to put onto my shirt and walk in honor of their battles)  We chatted for a while and as I left with the promise to "come back and report in" I knew that I had collected my "wink" for today. I walked home with new Motivation and Determination to be true to my Commitment. :)

Oh, yeah, by the way...I arrived home with 16.89 miles on my Runkeeper ...a walk around the house and the full 17 was done. I needed to check the garden anyway :)

It was another opportunity to share a smile with God as I realized how my goal had been met by following the path set before me for the day!

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